“Your number one customers are your people. Look after employees first and then customers last.” – Ian Hutchinson, author of People Glue.

When running a business, the first thing you should consider are the people who will work for you. They play a big role in your company since they are the ones who help you plan for the business. Thus, it is just right to maintain a good and healthy relationship with your employees.

Employees are also the lifeline of a successful business.

One advantage of maintaining a strong bond with your employee is it increases their motivation and morale to keep up their good work. They will be productive enough to do their job rightfully and if that happens, you will have a very good workplace where determined people could be seen.

Virgin Group of Companies Chairman, Richard Branson built his business empire by focusing on customer service. And this is brought out by the people who work in his company, his employees.

Branson believes that “happy employees equal happy customers. Similarly, an unhappy employee can ruin the brand experience for not just one, but numerous customers.”

That is just one of the many benefits why the performance of an employee should be observed carefully. Hence, it’s time to level up! If you want to know more about leveling up your employees’ performance, don’t be hesitant to join OLERN or the Online Learning for the Entrepreneurs where we offer different useful courses for you. You can join one of the courses, “Level Up Your Employees,” to be mentored by Coach Adette Purto, a resource strategist with almost 3 decades of experience as working professional, entrepreneur and business consultant.

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